Book Review: Endangered by Ann Littlewood

A Zoo Mystery #3
Ann Littlewood
Poisoned Pen Press, July 2012
ISBN 978-1-59058-621-1

Such a well written book as this held my interest all the way through. When you add an exciting plot involving drugs, murder and smuggled exotic birds and turtles to the mix, you’ve got a real winner. The author, Ann Littlewood, comes from a background of working in a zoo. From her first-hand knowledge, she provides realistic and accurate details, descriptions and information about exotic birds and reptiles.

When Iris Oakley and her companion are sent to a farm recently found to house a meth lab, the last thing she expected to find was a dead girl in the bushes and the escaped meth dealers on a deserted road. Thanks to a timely rescue, the crooks flee but they aren’t finished with Iris yet, believing she has information that will lead them to further riches.

Until adequate facilities can be found, Iris takes the birds to her own basement. Unfortunately, this keeps her in the cross hairs of the smugglers, further endangering her and her infant son.

Iris feels the need to investigate the murder. With the help of a friendly reporter and her friends, she learns that not all information, people or circumstances can be taken at face value.

This book contains fascinating details about drugs and smuggling exotic birds and reptiles in the United States. Little do we know about the smuggling of such creatures, often right in our own back yard.

Entertaining, exciting and informative, I found Endangered to be a winner all the way around and give it a thumbs up for mystery readers everywhere.

Reviewed by Elaine Faber, April 2015.
Author of Black Cat’s Legacy and Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer.