Book Review: Deadly Bonds by L.J. Sellers

Deadly BondsDeadly Bonds
A Detective Jackson Mystery #9
L.J. Sellers
Thomas & Mercer, August 2014
ISBN 978-1477824306
Trade Paperback

A runaway mother is murdered, her three-year-old son discovered hiding in the crawlspace of the rundown house where they’ve been living. Squatters or hiding out?

A college football star is found dead in his bathroom, apparently of a heart attack. But was it?

A young man and his girlfriend are in a car accident. He lives, she doesn’t. Her baby son survives her. How to create a new family?

All of these cases turn out to be connected, with motivations and suspects blending in a convoluted way. Figuring out the clues will take all of Eugene, Oregon’s best cops.

Deadly Bonds is a ripping good murder mystery, with Detective Wade Jackson on the case. He’s got an excellent group of people backing him up, including Detective Lara Evans, who is more than half in love with him. He also has a fiancée, Kera, and her life has also just gotten more complicated.

The book is about more than just murder. Author L.J.Sellers has written a heartwarming story that shows the true meaning of family.

The college culture, especially concerning the emphasis on sports–and the partying–is deftly dealt with, enough to make this reader shake her head. Even so, the circumstances might well be ripped from today’s headlines.

Loved the twist on how, and why, the football star died. It’s worth reading the book for just that one thing, although of course, the whole story is sure to keep you engrossed. The writing is excellent, the characters are fully fleshed, the setting is well explored.

Reviewed by Carol Crigger, September 2014.
Author of Three Seconds to Thunder.

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