Book Review: A Spark Unseen by Sharon Cameron—and a Giveaway!

A Spark UnseenA Spark Unseen
Sharon Cameron
Scholastic Press, September 2013
ISBN 978-0-545-32813-5

A Spark Unseen, the sequel to The Dark Unwinding by Sharon Cameron, takes us to Napoleon III’s Paris in 1854. In the opening, Katherine realizes she must leave Stranwyne Keep, her Uncle Tilly’s estate in Devonshire, England to protect him and his amazing inventions.

Fortunately her grandmother had a house with hidden rooms in Paris and Katherine wants to hide Uncle Tully there from the British and French governments and anyone else who may come looking. She is also determined to search for Lane who went to Paris at the conclusion of The Dark Unwinding and has since been reported dead.

It is an exciting read and in plot and character, it is just as charming as the first novel. All of the surviving characters from the first novel return and we get to know the main ones and their background stories even better. It’s an easy book to keep reading and forget about everything else.

The setting is where I found A Spark Unseen to fall short. I loved Stranwyne Keep and Uncle Tully. There is much less of him in this book. As Katherine misses Stranwyne Keep, I was constantly reminded how much I missed it too. Perhaps there’s reason to hope we will have more of the delightful Stranwyne Keep in future sequels.

Reviewed by Constance Reader, October 2014.


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