Cut to the Chase! And a Giveaway!

Cindy SampleCindy Sample’s humorous romantic mystery series, set in the California gold country, features single soccer mom Laurel McKay. Her national best selling series includes Dying for a Date, Dying for a Dance and Dying for a Daiquiri, the latter two finalists for the LEFTY award for best humorous mystery. Dying for a Dude is her latest release and features a never-seen-before chase scene. Cindy is a past president of Sacramento Sisters in Crime.

When I was a pigtailed kid, I would spend nights glued to the TV set, mesmerized by the chase scenes taking place on my tiny black and white screen. Back then those incredible chases consisted of cowboys riding after bad guys. You could identify the bad guys by their black hats and masks. (Occasionally a TV writer would go crazy and cover the hero’s face as well.)

Zorro was my favorite. You can’t beat the combination of a dude wearing a mask, a sword AND a cape! To this day, I’m still enthralled with chase scenes. And cowboys. And dudes. Okay, getting a little off topic here.

Cindy on the Stagecoach with Rick

Cindy on the Stagecoach with Rick

As I matured, so did the film industry. And the chase scenes just got better. Bond, James Bond and big screens meant chases with tuxedo-suited men who could take out a villain while simultaneously drinking a martini. Soon moonshine truckers were outracing local cops. And my personal favorite, the chaotic Mini Cooper getaways in The Italian Job.

In Dying for a Date, the first book in my series, I was determined to write a truly unique chase. Unless some other author has crafted a scene consisting of dueling backhoes, I think I succeeded! Slowest chase scene ever, but it will make you giggle.

My first chase was so widely applauded I decided to expand on the theme. If Stephanie Plum could experience exploding cars in every book, certainly Laurel McKay could devise creative ways to catch a killer.

Dying for a Dance upped the suspense when I created the coldest chase scene ever. Trust me–– you do not want to celebrate New Year’s Eve riding a snowmobile on the shores of Lake Tahoe dressed in a flimsy bridesmaid gown.

Sorry, Laurel, I do it for the readers. In Dying for a Daiquiri, the action moved from frigid Lake Tahoe to balmy Hawaii. This time I was determined to create a zip-line chase, which I personally thought was hilarious. Laurel declared it so harrowing her screams could be heard 2,500 miles away in Sacramento.

Dying for a DudeOn to book four, my new release ––Dying for a Dude. At last, I could write a chase scene worthy of those fine cowboys I’ve been worshipping for so many years. Laurel and I both live in the gold country of northern California, an area known for its rolling hills, beautiful apple farms and award-winning wineries. It’s also known for its annual Wagon Train event.

Local residents hook up their horses to covered wagons, stagecoaches and buggies for an eight- day trip that begins in Reno, travels up the Sierra Mountains and back down again, culminating in the annual Wagon Train Parade in Placerville AKA Hangtown.

With material like that, it was easy to create what one reviewer claims is the funniest chase scene ever. Picture a stagecoach, a surrey with the fringe on top, a motorcycle and a horse that can evidently leap over tiny cars.

Cowboys, Harleys and Mini Coopers––this book has it all! Hangtown will never be the same.



Leave a comment about one of your favorite
chase scenes
and you might win a $10 gift card,
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Drawing to be held Monday evening, November 10th.


Cindy and the Wagon Train Main Street Dudes

Cindy and the Wagon Train Main Street Dudes

41 thoughts on “Cut to the Chase! And a Giveaway!

  1. In the first Stephanie Plum book, I think there was a scene with her running through the mall. The blue van was always just rolling by in that book. Loved it.

    I must also mention the Seinfeld episode in which George fakes a disability and gets one of those powered chairs. Then his ruse is discovered by a group of older people, so he hops on his chair to escape, while the outraged older people chase him down the sidewalk, all on their own powered chairs. It was a great, low-speed chase.


  2. One of my favorite chase scenes comes at the end of the movie Thelma and Louise, when the two drive their car off a cliff at the Grand Canyon!


  3. I loved the chase scenes in Bullit, and the chase scene in The French Connection, but to be honest, I sort of used to love the chase scenes in old westerns on TV when I was a young. I think at times the bad guys and the posse would pass the same rock about 3 or 4 times, but as a kid the horses and the fast riding were enough to make me not care at all. Of course now, I realize chasing Steve McQueen would have been a heck of a lot more fun than being on any horses chasing bad guys.


  4. Your series sounds like a fun one. I can’t think of a favorite chase scene in a book right this minute, so probably will the minute I post this. I know the most memorable one to me in a movie was Steve McQueen in Bullet.


  5. I’m halfway through your new novel and enjoying it very much! I don’t write many chase scenes but in my romantic suspense thriller DEATH LEGACY, the hero and heroine are chased by sinister people in a big, black limo and have to outsmart the killers during a chase sequence.


  6. My word, but you’re a chase artist! I wouldn’t want to be in marathon with you, or try to steal your purse. If you didn’t outrun me, you’d outwit me. The only chase scene I enjoyed writing — in one of my series– was my farmer sleuth’s Irish sidekick, Colm Hanna, dashing after a runaway heifer and then falling in the muck.


  7. Okay, I have to get your books. Backhoe chase scene! Reminds me of a local PBS station’s “Swan Lake on Tractors.” Hysterical.

    My vote for best chase scene ever goes to ET, with Elliot and friends on bikes, outwitting the FBI. And flying!


  8. I love the “chase” scene in Breaking Away–not exactly chase–biker trying to keep up with trucker who gets a ticket for speeding as a result. I LOVED the zipline chase in Daiquiri! I am terrified of heights so that made it even more harrowing-hilarious. Good luck with DUDE!


    • Thanks, Susan, I am as terrified of heights as Laurel is. I really had fun researching that scene. Everyone on the island was so helpful! Of course I didn’t mind researching daiquiris either!


  9. My favorite chase scene is from the television series “Justified” when Art, with a bum knee, gets into a foot chase with the elderly bad guy who is on oxygen and dragging an oxygen canister behind him. Laughed until I cried.


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