Book Review: Bonnie of Evidence by Maddy Hunter

Bonnie of EvidenceBonnie of Evidence
A Passport to Peril Mystery #8
Maddy Hunter
Midnight Ink, February 2013
ISBN 978-0-7387-2705-9
Trade Paperback

Emily Miceli and her former detective husband lead a group of elderly tourists on a bus tour through Scotland. Her mother, father and grandmother are among the group. Though the senior citizens are all as spry as rabbits, and some are involved in amorous experimentation, most of the travelers are close to senile which accounts for many of the humorous lines in the story.

The travelers divide in teams to follow clues much like a scavenger hunt which adds to their enjoyment of the trip but also creates animosity among the teams. When one of the ladies is killed, accusations run rampant and the fear that she died from an ancient curse dampens the group’s spirits.

As Emily and her husband attempt to solve the murder, tempers fray and nerves jangle among the elderly travelers as suspicions fly and accusations run amuck.

Emily must bring all her organization skills to the forefront, keeping this rag-tag group together as they traverse castles, motes, sea serpents and suspicion.

A cute mystery with plenty of local color, this one will be enjoyed by readers particularly fond of ‘slap-stick’ humor.

Reviewed by Elaine Faber, August 2014.
Author of Black Cat’s Legacy.