Dying for a Daiquiri, Anyone?

Cindy Sample Kona RosaritasCindy Sample’s humorous romantic mystery series, set in the California gold country, features single soccer mom Laurel McKay. Her national best selling series includes Dying for a Date, Dying for a Dance and Dying for a Daiquiri, both finalists for the LEFTY award for best humorous mystery. Dying for a Daiquiri is her latest release and was definitely the most fun to research. Cindy is a past president of Sacramento Sisters in Crime. www.cindysamplebooks.com


Or How to Turn Your Book Into a National Celebration

Some of my friends have accused me of writing just to have an excuse to throw a party. But why not celebrate your wonderful books. And why limit those parties to the book’s release date?

All authors know the importance of promotion. Getting your book into the media can be a difficult and almost impossible process in some areas. I’ve discovered planning an event is the perfect excuse to promote yourself and your books.

While researching Dying for a Daiquiri, the third book in my humorous mystery series, I discovered that July 19th is National Daiquiri Day. Who knew? Evidently, my adult son did since he’s been throwing National Daiquiri Day parties for the last four years. I guess my invitation was lost in the mail –– four years in a row!

Six weeks ago, I walked into Total Wine and More, my bookmarks in hand. Ironically, this big box liquor store took over the space previously occupied by Borders, where I held a book signing three years ago.

The managers were also unfamiliar with National Daiquiri Day, but they were thrilled with the concept and thought it a terrific idea to host an author event at their store. One of my criteria for hosting an author event is that the venue is free. Another plus is alcohol, which definitely helps sells books!

Dying for a DaiquiriTotal Wine and More agreed to provide free wine and virgin daiquiris. They are promoting the event along with me. A huge poster advertising the party has been greeting visitors for the last ten days. I’ve emailed and Facebooked all of my friends and told them to bring their friends. I’ll bring cookies and hold a drawing for a gift basket just to make it more fun. I’m also offering a dollar off coupon for every book sold. But other than that, the best part is…

I keep all the profit from my book sales. Since I’m indie published, that’s a substantial amount. And I’ll have a zillion bookmarks to hand out to the e-reader population.

Only a handful of books may sell, but the Book Section of the Sacramento Bee listed my author appearance, and it will also appear in Friday’s event section, as well as all of the local newspapers.

I get to smile, meet potential new readers and sip daiquiris. It doesn’t get any better than that!


Tomorrow I’ll share Part Two of this celebration ––
How National Daiquiri Day helped me sell over
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