Book Review: That Night by Chevy Stevens

That NightThat Night
Chevy Stevens
St. Martin’s Press, June 2014
ISBN 978-1-250-03460-1

When two hard-case teens hook up in high school and defy their contemporaries to pursue their own designs, you know there is trouble ahead. Author Chevy Stevens demonstrates tremendous insight into a variety of modern situations, from an unbalanced family to a flawed legal system to life in prison and on parole.

The novel follows Toni Murphy, the main character who narrates her life as a rebellious teenager with a damaged family, her search for love and then, tragically her conviction on specious charges of murder. The novel combines a murder mystery with a predictable conclusion; excellent writing and an intimate look at the life of a teen growing up in a small Canadian town on the Island named Vancouver.

Calling on memory, I think the author has nailed the stresses and joys of this teen’s life, the family arguments, the shifting bullying and contretemps rife in high school life. Her descriptions of life in a women’s prison are remarkable, moving and often scary. The novel spans fifteen years in this young woman’s existence. She endures more than most women would expect in three lifetimes and she does a lot of it alone, without any significant support. Yet for the most part, she retains an essential piece of humanity. Through the pain and suffering and loss, she finds occasional hope, like small rafts in a heaving, lonely, sea.

The murder of which Toni is innocent and for which she is sent to prison, hangs over the story until the end. The last third of this long novel is a skilful exercise in the presentation of facts about the murder, leading to rising tension and intricate emotional maneuvering. The novel is too long, in my view, but it is a powerful contemporary examination of modern life that will remain in readers’ consciousness for a considerable time.

Reviewed by Carl Brookins, July 2014.
Author of Red Sky, Devils Island, Hard Cheese, Reunion.

Book Blitz: Collide by Christine Fonseca

Collide Blitz Banner


Title: Collide
Series: The Solomon Experiments
Author: Christine Fonseca
Release Date: 07/07/14
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Thriller


What if psychic warfare is real???

Christine Fonseca’s latest action-packed, heart-pounding thriller, COLLIDE,
explores the world of psychic warfare with a new twist!

The most dangerous secrets are the ones that kill.

When a surprising mental breakdown draws too much attention from a
secret government group call the Order, 17-year-old Dakota discovers that her
so-called boring life isn’t so boring after all. Between the lies, secrets and
assassins out to kill her family, Dakota discovers there’s more to paranormal
activity than ghosts and cheap mind tricks. Now she must uncover the truth
before a new breed of terrorism takes everything away – including her life.



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“Collide is a fast moving, suspenseful thriller full of twists and turns
around every bend. An action packed read that will have your heart
slamming in your chest and your mind racing until the end.”
– Brooke DelVecchio, the Cover Contessa – blogger/reviewer


An Excerpt from Collide

An introduction into the Solomon Experiments and Dr. LeMercier:

Project Stargate 2.0
The Solomon Experiments

Dr. LeMercier’s Personal Journal –

June 29, 2002

Day 1:

The children are assembled, selected from a pool of more than a thousand recruits. It’s exciting to have so many of the former participants’ offspring in this group. I expect Jennings and Harrison to provide strong recruits. We agreed it best if I didn’t know their identities to avoid tainting the experiments in any way. Avoid favoritism. I expect them to pass the weeding, especially with their genetics.

CollideTraining begins in the morning. Dr. Tate and I have redesigned the protocols. They are more grueling than the previous tests, designed to push not only the candidates’ physical and mental stamina but also their emotional development. The new program measures every aspect of their supernatural potential, from telekinesis to telepathy and more.

We anticipate better results this time. These children are younger, stronger than their predecessors. Their abilities, unmatched. But will it be enough? I can measure their ethics, but I can’t guarantee their willingness to do everything their country requires.

We’ve run out of time. Global terrorism has reached unfathomable heights. The attacks have increased since 9/11. It’s worse than before, worse than during the Cold War. I fear another Hitler. We should’ve acted swifter when we first discovered Hitler and Stalin’s early research into the supernatural. Instead, we let our fear supersede our responsibilities to keep our nation safe.

Never again.

There will be no safety until we find a better way to train our special forces. Our country will not be free from the terrorism that threatens us until we resume our goal of new, advanced weaponry. These experiments are the key. We cannot fail this time as we have before.

The younger recruits offer something we haven’t had in the past, a way to shape and train their morality. We will be able to push the experiments beyond the confines of humanity. We will bypass ethical concerns and find the recruits we can train to use their gifts in new ways.

We will teach them to kill.

About the Author

Christine FonsecaCritically acclaimed nonfiction and YA author Christine Fonseca is dedicated to helping children of all ages find their voice in the world. In fiction, she explores the darker aspects of humanity and delivers gothic thrillers that take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

In addition to writing, Ms. Fonseca is a frequent presenter and trainer on subjects ranging from writing to behavior and understanding the unique needs of gifted children. She blogs regularly on many sites and participates in events throughout the country. See the News/Events page for upcoming events.

When Christine isn’t crafting her next book and working with kids, she can be found sipping too many skinny vanilla lattes at her favorite coffee house or exploring the world with her family.

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