Book Review: Earth Girl by Janet Edwards

Earth GirlEarth Girl
Janet Edwards
Pyr, March 2013
ISBN: 978-1-61614-766-2

Jarra is about to turn eighteen and soon she will embark on her college course. The trouble is, she wants to apply to an off-world university and teach all the norms that an ape girl can be just as good as they are. It’s not her fault she can’t leave Earth and not her fault her parents abandoned her. But when events on Earth take a dramatic turn, the norms sure are glad she’s there.

This is a young adult novel, set hundreds of years in the future. By this time, William Crane has developed the portal system, allowing humans to jump from planet to planet and colonise the galaxy. Each colony has slightly different ethos and moral code but ultimately, there is peace between humans. Jarra is a teenager that happens to be ‘handicapped’. Devoid of a critical gene that would allow her to portal between worlds, she is one of a small group that cannot ever leave Earth. But she’s passionate about history and is adept at archaeological digs by the time she’s off to college. Determined to prove herself she applies to an off-world university to study history since they spend their first year on Earth studying pre-history anyway. What starts off as a plan for petty revenge on the ‘norms’, changes dramatically when she begins to realise that they aren’t as bad as they seem. Before she can tackle their prejudices against the ‘apes’, she needs to tackle her own and make peace with her affliction.

This book is chock-full of great characters with a plot that is interesting and engaging. It was good enough that I finished it in one sitting and I wonder whether there will be any more to come as I would like to see what Jarra gets up to when she finishes her course. I think that young adults will like this title and I would definitely recommend it. Check this one out, just don’t go off planet…

Reviewed by Laura McLaughlin, March 2014.

Cover Reveal: Carrier by Anne Tibbets



Title: Carrier
Author: Anne Tibbets
Publisher: carina Press
Publication date: June 16th 2014
Genres: Dystopia, New Adult



Twenty-two -year-old Naya has spent nearly half her life as a sex slave
in a government institution called The Line. When she’s kicked out after
getting pregnant with twins, she’s got no way to earn a living and a horrifying
choice to make: find someone to replace her, or have her babies taken in her stead.

A doctor with a history of aiding ex-Line girls, Ric Bennett, wants to help. He
runs a team of rebels that can delete Naya’s records and free her forever. But when
The Line sniffs out his plan, things get bloody, fast. Naya means more to them
than just a chance at fresh faces—her twins are part of the government’s larger plan.

As they hide from government search parties, Ric comes to admire Naya’s quiet
strength. And Naya realizes Ric might be a man she can trust. If they make it off
the grid, they could build a new life. But first they’ll have to survive
the long, vicious reach of The Line.



About the Author


Anne TibbetsAnne Tibbets is an SCBWI award-winning and Best Selling author. After writing for Children’s television, Anne found her way to young/new adult fiction by following what she loves: books, strong female characters, twisted family dynamics, magic, sword fights, quick moving plots, and ferocious and cuddly animals.

Along with Carrier, Anne is also the author of the young adult fantasy novella, The Beast Call and the young adult contemporary, Shut Up.

Anne divides her time between writing, her family, and three furry creatures that she secretly believes are plotting her assassination.

Find her on Facebook at or on Twitter @WriteforCoffee. To contact Anne, visit and click the ‘CONTACT’ tab.


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