Book Review: Identity Theft by Anna Davies

Identity TheftIdentity Theft
Anna Davies
Point Horror, May 2013
ISBN 978-0-545-47712-3
Trade Paperback

Sometimes, the best decision can feel very, very wrong; particularly for a teen-ager.  When Hayley chose to give up extracurricular activities to focus on schoolwork, she knew that she would become a bit of an outcast.  The prestigious scholarship that she has set her sights on will be totally worth it, though.  Or so she keeps telling herself.

Of course, the pursuit of excellence can be quite stressful.  Without the distractions of peers, Hayley’s summer had gone very well; but, with the beginning of school, self-doubt rears its ugly head.  Sure, her skin is thick enough to handle the stage-whispered barbs from girls that once were treasured friends.  Okay, her relationship with Adam may feel a bit strained, but what does he expect?  He is her toughest competitor for the Ainsworth scholarship and he most certainly doesn’t need the financial assistance; whereas it is Hayley’s only chance at college.

Fully immersed in school assignments, acting as Editor of the yearbook and continuing her work towards her scholarship, Hayley begins to feel that the stress is affecting her.  At first, she hears snippets of conversation that appear to be aimed at her, but she doesn’t know why.  Rumours are being spread about things she has supposedly done.  Total nonsense, but eerie, nonetheless.

Just as Hayley begins to suspect sabotage, proof emerges, in the form of a Facebook page.  Now, she is forced to question her sanity.  “Hayley’s” new Facebook has pictures of her in places that she doesn’t remember being, doing things she most certainly would not do……under normal circumstances.  Has the pressure created an alter-ego, is someone out to get her, or is she simply going crazy?  Hayley must solve this mystery quickly, while she still has a tenuous grip on who she really is.

Ms. Davies created an outstanding, creepy, mystery with Identity Theft.  This reader was quickly consumed and constantly “solving” the conundrum.  The twists and turns were plentiful without bogging down the story, and I was completely surprised by the ending.  This is a perfect book for the Middle-Grade and High School audience.  A special thank-you to Ms. Davies for having her characters listen to my two very favourite bands of all time.

Reviewed by jv poore, August 2013.