Book Review: Bloodstone by Gillian Philip—and a Giveaway!

Rebel Angels, Book Two
Gillian Philip
Tor, November 2013
ISBN 978-0-7653-3328-5

From the publisher—

For centuries, Sithe warriors Seth and Conal MacGregor have hunted for the Bloodstone demanded by their Queen. Homesick, and determined to protect their clan, they have also made secret forays across the Veil. One of these illicit crossings has violent consequences that will devastate both their close family, and their entire clan.

In the Otherworld, Jed Cameron, a feral, full-mortal young thief, becomes entangled with the strange and dangerous Finn MacAngus and her shadowy uncles. When he is dragged into the world of the Sithe, it’s nothing he can’t handle until time warps around him, and menacing forces reach out to threaten his infant brother. In the collision of two worlds, war and tragedy are inevitable, especially when treachery comes from the most shocking of quarters….

Four hundred years have passed since Seth and Conal were ordered by Queen Kate to find the Bloodstone, rumored to have properties that will heal the weakened Veil between the human and faerie worlds. Kate really wants it to destroy the Veil and conquer the mortal world but the half-brothers are not fully aware of her intentions. This is not to say the queen is a favorite among her people; far from it.

Seth and Conal are close despite Seth’s reputation for being a troublemaker and there is much loyalty between the two. It’s this loyalty that makes Seth agree to keep an eye on Finn, Conal’s teenaged niece with a huge chip on her shoulder (as it turns out, with some justification). Finn is unaware of who she really is but, when she and her friend, the thieving Jed, follow her grandmother into the Loch one night, they soon find themselves in the world of the faeries and in serious danger. Seth will soon understand that the danger is far more widespread than he thought and a terrible loss is coming that will change his life radically.

Ms. Philip employs an interesting style, telling much of the story through Seth’s point of view with some chapters from Finn’s and Jed’s and changing seamlessly from first to third person and back. It took me a little while to get used to this switching back and forth but I came to enjoy it and this method made these three characters come fully to life for me.

Other reviewers have indicated a dislike for Seth, largely because of his thoughtlessness and frequently rash behavior but he’s actually my favorite because there is so much substance there. His restlessness and apparent lack of concern for others show us much about his troubled existence and his true nature, hidden from many. Other characters stood out for me in one way or another, especially Finn and Jed, but also other members of the clann. Ms. Philip enlivens all her characters and, while I thought the pacing was a bit slow, particularly in the beginning, she tells a great story. I’m already looking forward to the next book in the series, Wolfsbane (already out in the UK, due in the US in July 2014).

Reviewed by Lelia Taylor, December 2013.

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