Book Review: Free Fall by Chris Grabenstein

Free FallFree Fall
A John Ceepak Mystery
Chris Grabenstein
Pegasus, May 2013
ISBN No. 978-1605984759

When Officer Danny Boyle, of the Sea Haven Police Department, receives a 911 call, he rushes to the destination to find that a good friend Christine Lemonopolous is in a knock down drag out fight with Shona Blumenfeld Oppenheimer. Shona is the mother of Samuel Oppenheimer who is in a wheel chair.  Christine is his nurse but when war broke out between the two women Samuel made a call to the police.  Danny and his partner Salvatore Santucci break up the fight. Christine had been staying at the Oppenheimer residence and Ms. Oppenheimer immediately evicts her.  Christine agrees to leave and Danny and his partner write up a report on the incident.  Christine informs Danny that she also nurses for Dr. Rosen and she feels sure he will allow her to stay at his residence.

Detective John Ceepak, Danny’s former partner, calls Danny in for assistance on occasion.  Danny gets a call and finds out that Christine has slept in her vehicle rather than ask Dr. Rosen to stay at his home.  Neighbors called the police and Detective Ceepak suggested that rather than allow Christine to be arrested for vagrancy Danny turn over his apartment to Christine until better accommodations could be found.  Ceepak suggested that Danny stay with him until Christine got settled.

Detective Ceepak’s mother is now residing in Sea Haven and living very comfortably.  Her aunt left her a nice inheritance.  When Detective Ceepak and Danny go to inspect the rides prior to the opening of the amusement park, they learn that the owner of the new ride “Free Fall” has hired Ceepak’s father to operate the ride.  There is a lot of bad blood between Ceepak and his father, Joseph Ceepak, who is only around to try to collect money from his ex-wife’s inheritance.

Ceepak and Danny have enough to worry about with the Christine problem and Joseph Ceepak in town trying to contact his ex-wife to take over her inheritance when Dr. Rosen drops dead.  It appears that the death could be suspicious.

Free Fall is a great addition to the John Ceepak Mystery series.  Danny Boyle has matured considerably since the beginning of this series.  Even though he is still the same fun loving Danny, he is picking up more of Ceepak’s habits every day.

Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid, May 2013.