Book Review: Her Brother’s Keeper by Sara Hoskinson Frommer

Her Brother's KeeperHer Brother’s Keeper
A Joan Spencer Mystery  
Sara Hoskinson Frommer
Perseverance Press, April 2013
Trade Paperback

Only a sense of duty made Joan Spencer invite her ex-con brother to her daughter’s wedding. And when he actually took up her invitation, he arrived early, causing no end of difficulty. As Joan rushes about, helping her daughter, keeping peace between the groom’s and the bride’s family factions, she also contends with her own mother-in-law, who is rapidly losing her mental faculties to Alzheimer’s disease.

And then Joan’s brother is murdered, the mother-in-law found standing over him with a bloody knife. How can this be? Why?

Joan is soon swept up in getting to the bottom of a murder with it’s seeds planted long ago in this small Indiana town. Meanwhile, the wedding goes on.

Author Sara Hoskinson Frommer has created some nice characters for this story, including the culprits. A bit sweet, perhaps, but engrossing with plenty of family interaction. You thought your family quirky? Wait until you meet Joan’s!

Reviewed by Carol Crigger, May 2013.
Author of Three Seconds to Thunder.

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