From Séances to the “Watergate” of the 1920s: Weaving Metaphysics & History Into Fiction—and a Giveaway

EK PrescottE.K. Prescott, Ph.D., has been an educator for almost 30 years, and has taught at the college level for the past 15 years. Among her many accomplishments, she has been awarded research grants, named director of a research institute, and her work was published by the S-STEP group of the American Educators Research Association. She was also asked to present her research in London, England at an S-Step conference.

Her new fictional mystery, The Ivy League Chronicles: 9 Squares, is filled with historical facts and events that were very real in New Haven, CT in the 1920’s. The book explores the truths about the ruling class of the United States and gives the reader a sense that there is a lot more to the world than what is actually seen. She brilliantly weaves together the threads of New World Order, metaphysics, witchcraft, conspiracy, and good and evil into this first installment of the Ivy League Chronicles series.

Dr. Prescott lives in a log cabin nestled in the mountains of northern Arizona with her husband, four horses, and two black labs. She connects with fans via social media on and on Twitter @ekprescottwrite, as well as sharing insights on writing, her book tour and historical fiction on her blog. 

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The Ivy League Chronicles 9 SquaresI’ve been told that my first novel, The Ivy League Chronicles: 9 Squares lies somewhere between The Da Vinci Code and National Treasure. The history revisits the turbulent times of our 1920s, and provides scientific answers to a somewhat illusionary set of events. It gives us a good look into the United States Watergate of the time, the possibility of a ruling elite class, and a well developed mystery which leaves the reader wanting to find more answers to be revealed in Book Two.

When I’m asked about crafting a story with paranormal elements from historical events, my response usually surprises people. This is because it was actually quite easy to add a metaphysical theme, as it was an every day accepted practice in the 20s.  Séances, and consulting a psychic, were just a few of the attractions the elite provided at every event, if you were to be anybody that is.

Take for example the widow of the inventor of the Winchester Rifle (which was originally made in New Haven, CT), who consulted a medium after his death. She was told to build a house for the dead souls killed by her husband’s rifles. And, that she should not stop building this house or she would die. She then moved to California and never stopped building until her death. The house is now a tourist stop…Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. When it comes from weaving a story from history, I had to ask myself many times while I wrote the first book in my series, “Why try to make stuff up when the real stuff is so good?”


About The Ivy League Chronicles: 9 Squares

A former Scotland Yard detective, Richard Wikki, now a professor at Yale University, misses his days of crime
solving. Maize Judson, who hopes to become an investigative journalist, finds a skeleton buried in the sand at the
beach off the coast of New England. Richard and Maize form a unique partnership and set out to solve the
murder. They follow planted, illusionary clues, become woven into the threads of New World Order, investigate
witchcraft, conspiracies, and good and evil. Maize even has an encounter with a psychic.

To enter the drawing for a print copy of The Ivy League Chronicles: 9 Squares,

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15 thoughts on “From Séances to the “Watergate” of the 1920s: Weaving Metaphysics & History Into Fiction—and a Giveaway

    • Thanks for your reply. Yes, Mrs. Winchester consulted a medium in New Haven CT where her and her husband lived and the Winchester rifle originally was manufactured. There are many more interesting facts in 9 Squares as well. You couldn’t make this stuff up! EK


    • Well, yes, she did. Her husband invented those guns and she thought the spirits of dead native Americans were after her, I understand. But someone told her she’d stay alive if she kept building onto the house. Fascinating place. I went there maybe 30 years ago.


  1. Interesting post – I love historical mysteries, but had never heard of the Mystery house before. How intriguing!!!


    • Hi Penny: I loved researching the history in 1923…there are so many unique events and culture. I too love ready mystery series. 9 Squares does not answer all questions in that this is a series and on going. EK


  2. I didn’t know about the house but I would love reading about it and everything else in this book! It sounds really interesting! Thank you for the giveaway!


  3. As my parents were born in 1921 and 1922 and since attempting a genealogy, this caught my interest as well. I’m sure I’ll be entertained along the way and find out more about that period. Thanks for the giveaway


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