Book Review: Buyer, Beware by Diane Vallere

Buyer, BewareBuyer, Beware
A Style & Error Mystery
Diane Vallere
Polyester Press, February 2013
Trade Paperback

This is book #2 in author DianeVallere’s “A Style & Error Mystery” series. I haven’t read book #1, but it wasn’t necessary in order to be swept up in Buyer, Beware. Samantha Kidd has returned to her hometown, bought a house, and is looking for a job. Short on money, she and a group of friends enter a department store’s grand-opening contest that features a $10K prize. That the contest also involves a bit of skullduggery just makes the effort more fun–especially when they pull it off. But when Samantha discovers a murder, thing go a bit awry. The only good thing is that Sam is offered the dead woman’s job–handbag buyer. Or maybe that isn’t such a good thing!

Typical of cozy mysteries, Samantha has plenty of quirky friends, but here it’s a little iffy on which ones she should trust. And there are a couple men in her life; one on scene and one somewhere in Europe. I’m rooting for one of them; you might choose the other. There’s even a cop Sam has questions about.

This is a fun story, a good mystery, and features excellent characters. Tidbits detailing a buyer’s job add to the whole. I’ll certainly read more of this series.

Reviewed by Carol Crigger, May 2013.
Author of Three Seconds to Thunder.