The Photography Bug

Carol PreflatishCarol Preflatish knew at an early age that she loved to write. In high school and college, her favorite classes were composition and creative writing. It wasn’t until after she married and then became a parent that she decided to pursue it seriously. She published her first romantic suspense in 2009. Always loving a good mystery, she’s constantly thinking up ideas for future books. Carol lives in southern Indiana, sharing her log cabin in the woods with her husband and two cats. When not writing, she loves to read, watch football, and enjoy the outdoors camping with her husband.

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I’d like to thank Lelia for hosting me here today and getting to meet some of you readers out there. I’m a romance author, but am going to talk today a little about my other passion, photography.

We all need a break from our normal routine, be it your day job, writing, or being retired. When I need a break from writing, I love to grab my camera and venture outside to take some photos. I was in early high school when the photography bug hit. I suppose it started when I took the photography project in 4-H. Everyone told me what a good photographer I was and one year, I just knew I would be a shoe-in to win the Grand Champion ribbon. When I got to the county fair that night, I went straight to my project. There they were, my ribbons: Champion and First Place, but no Grand Champion. I had one more year left in 4-H and I vowed to myself that I would win next year and I did, even scoring a Blue Ribbon at the State Fair, which was very hard to do back then.

I’m still taking pictures and still love it. Mostly, it’s just for fun, but I’ve had photos published in my local newspaper several times, and a regional newspaper along with an article I wrote. I once even had several photos published in a national magazine.

CompromisedRecently, I re-started participating in the year long, 365 Project, where you take and post a photo every day for at least a year on their web site. Originally, I started January 1, 2012 and then got busy doing other things and before I realized, I hadn’t uploaded a photo in a long time. I recently bought a new camera and started taking pictures again and am back posting on the 365 Project. If you’re interested in looking at my photos, you can visit my 365 Project page at

My latest book, Compromised, is a romantic suspense and is available in both e-book and paperback at Amazon. What was supposed to be a routine assignment, protecting a journalist that overheard the sale of classified documents, turns out to be the most difficult of CIA officer Ethan Young’s career when he discovers the reporter is Cally Hunt, his former fiancée. Ethan tries not to let his personal feelings for Cally interfere with his assignment, but finds that task nearly impossible.He can’t tell her who he really works for, but keeping her safe from the terrorists proves difficult, as they always seem to find her. Can Ethan protect her without compromising his assignment?

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Thanks again to Creatures ‘n Crooks/Buried Under Books for hosting me today.