Book Review: Shadows on a Cape Cod Wedding by Lea Wait

Shadows on a Cape Cod WeddingShadows on a Cape Cod Wedding
An Antique Print Mystery 
Lea Wait
Perseverance Press, April 2013
ISBN 978-1-56474-531-6
Trade Paperback

Antique print dealer Maggie Summer is spending time on Cape Cod, helping her best friend Gussie with her wedding. Arriving at Gussie’s home a little early, Maggie takes a walk on the beach and, lucky her, discovers the body of a murdered man.

Maggie, being blessed—or cursed—depending on who is talking, enters full steam into the investigation. Plenty of suspects are available, but what seems lacking is motive. Leave it to Maggie to dredge up several scenarios. Could the murderer be the man’s daughter, who’d thought her father already dead? The cousin he lived with, who manages expenses with no visible means of support?  And why doesn’t the police chief seem more concerned?

Knotty questions indeed for Maggie to wrestle, and at the same time soothe her possible fiance, who wishes she’d mind her own business.

This cozy, while not quite this reader’s cup of tea, has a very good puzzle at its core. The setting is excellent and the story well-written. The characters? I’m still evaluating. It seemed at times a little much to include a deaf woman, a boy with Down Syndrome, and a lady confined to a wheelchair all within one novel, while the romance between Maggie and Will didn’t seem to strike any sparks.

One thing I liked very much was the catalog-style listing of an antique print, complete with pricing, that headed up each chapter. A reader could learn a lot from this alone. Kudos.

Reviewed by Carol Crigger, May 2013.
Author of Three Seconds to Thunder.