Book Review: Infinity by Rachel Ward

Num8ers #3
Rachel Ward
Chicken House, May 2012
ISBN 978-0-545-35092-1

We all have a number.  That number is what Adam sees whenever he looks someone in the eye.  It is the person’s date of death.  Along with this unwanted information, Adam receives a strong feeling, a sense, of how each person will meet his demise.  Will it be drawn out and painful?  Calm and peaceful?  Agonizing and humiliating?  Everyone in futuristic England (after the world as we know it has ended) knows this about Adam.  They recognize him on sight.  Many want to thank him, some want to be privy to his secrets and others wish him harm.  This is a lot of pressure for a 17 year old boy; particularly the boy who predicted the Chaos and saved thousands of lives with his warning.

With no way to tell what people want from him, Adam has been on the run for two years.  He has a huge responsibility, traveling with his unique family: his pregnant girlfriend, her younger brothers and her two year old daughter, Mia.  She calls him “Daddy”.   While his girlfriend doesn’t share his gift, she does harbor a secret.  Her daughter’s number has changed.  Did little Mia take someone’s number, or was it given to her?

In one camp, Adam meets two men.  Both seem determined to protect and serve him, in gratitude, as well as with the hope that Adam will be an intricate part of making things right in society.  One is them is lying.  He is evil.  Originally pursuing Adam for personal gain, he quickly sets his sights much higher when he learns of Adam’s “daughter” and his baby on the way.  Believing their powers must far surpass Adams’, he becomes a threat to Adam’s family.   Will Adam’s fans stand behind him, or will all be lost?

Infinity is an engaging book.  The story moves very quickly.  The characters truly come alive, leading the reader through varying emotions along the way.  I should note, Infinity is the third book (the conclusion) to the Num8ers trilogy.  I did not notice this until after I read the book.  I thought it worked well as a stand-alone; however, now that I know there are two more, I will be reading them as well.

Reviewed by jv poore, January 2013.