Book Review: The Last Temptation by Gerrie Ferris Finger

The Last TemptationThe Last Temptation
Gerrie Ferris Finger
Five Star, August 2012.

Moriah Dru, the heroine of the second book of a series featuring Moriah and Atlanta Police Detective Richard Lake, has her own P.I. agency and often works for the court. Her specialty is finding people, especially missing children. In this instance, that of a nasty divorce/child custody case, a woman and her teenage daughter go missing in Palm Springs, California. Dru is sent to find them and to bring young Linley Whitney home to her custodial father.

It isn’t long before Dru discovers this is not a routine case. Is Linley’s mother, Eileen, alive or dead? If she’s dead, did Bradley Whitney have his wife killed? Why? And then, more importantly, just who is Bradley?

When Eileen’s blood is discovered at her present husband’s house, Dru has almost too many suspects to chose from. Cross-dressers, perverts of all sorts, an Indian princess, a fake Frenchman, a policeman named Dartagnan.

The book is full of action and suspense; the mystery will keep you guessing. The settings are good, the characters better. I’ll be reading more by Gerrie Ferris Finger.

Reviewed by Carol Crigger, April 2013.
Author of Three Seconds to Thunder.