Writing Blessings of Positive Change

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As writers we have the perfect craft for creating positive change and I’d like to share a few of these options here today. As writers we can help others heal and express their emotions through our own poetry or song lyrics, we can express love and passion, share memories and educate others. By writing about causes and providing readers the tools to enact upon them, we enable our readers to also be a catalyst for positive change. We can help someone else share their stories, their experiences or family history. But there are other ways we can make a difference too.

Before querying a publisher or publication:

–       Investigate their in-house green and socially responsible activities to see if their actions align with yours. (recycling efforts, carbon offset programs, alternative energy use, charitable donations, tree planting efforts etc.)

–       Search for information on whether they use recycled or alternative content in their products (i.e. hemp, coconut or sugar cane fiber, rice husk fiber, etc.).

–       Ask if the paper they use is from sustainably harvested forests (look for SFI certification, among other certifications that prove this).

–       Ask if they are using acid and bleach free paper, eco-friendly finishes or eco-friendly glues.

–       Search out the printing process a little further to see if they are using all veggie inks (some soy inks contain petroleum products).

–       Choose publishers that utilize the Print On Demand technology, which results in the book being printed closer to the customer, reducing fossil fuels.

–       Choose to purchase promotional materials that were created with the environment in mind, by a publisher as close to your home or office as possible.

–       Donate your books to literacy groups, fundraisers and libraries.

–       Offer writing services to charities.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to make a difference. There are lots of things anyone can do that can have an impact.

–       Write notes of appreciation to service providers and businesses where you’ve enjoyed being a patron (restaurants where the meal or service was impeccable, gracious mechanic who went the extra mile for you, the wonderful cashier who always remembers your name, etc.)

Purple Snowflake Marketing–       Send cards to people you love, people who have taught you a golden nugget, or influenced you in some way. * When purchasing cards flip them over to see what recycled content, or green initiatives that card has.

–       Write family and friends, sharing the things you are involved in that you feel are making a difference while celebrating those people in your life that have influenced you in some way or supported you… enabling you to do those activities.

–       Write a letter to the editor expressing your passions, or thankfulness for living where you do.

–       Write small 100 word submissions and announcements to any number of the local publications from magazines to newspapers and newsletters about green initiatives, volunteer opportunities, animal shelter announcements, etc.

–       Email people in your contact list about campaigns, or fundraisers, that you are participating in.

–       Create a family history package listing heritage, ancestry, stories passed down from older generations, and also what caused recent ancestors deaths – this last one can be very helpful for future generations in learning what they can do now to prevent certain family ailments.

–       Participate in used book drives, donate used books and magazines, or participate in book circles (where groups of people cycle used books and magazines to each other, providing new reading material and prolonging the life of that product).