Book Review: Sticks & Stones by K. J. Larsen

Sticks & StonesSticks & Stones
A Cat DeLuca Mystery
K. J. Larsen
Poisoned Pen Press, February 2012
ISBN 978-1-59058-921-2
Also available in trade paperback

Chicago is crazy. Or it’s made crazy by the likes of Cat DeLuca and her quirky family and workmates. In this second book by Larsen, DeLuca is involved with murder, problematic cars and enough suspects to fill a stadium. Join the fun, but don’t get caught with your pants down or else you might be in Cat’s next picture.

All Cat DeLuca wants is to chase cheaters and avoid her crazy family. But when she and her assistant, Cleo, find Walter, Cleo’s louse of a husband, dead, and Cleo is suspected, Cat is on the case. She soon uncovers evidence that Walter was blackmailing a lot of people. So who killed him? The construction company owner? The fashion diva? Or is this murder related to a decade’s old death that could also have been murder? With a beagle and a gun toting assistant by her side, a hunky FBI boyfriend and equally hunky bodyguard on her side, Cat has nothing to worry about…except her mother’s constant worrying, a priest praying for her soul, a pesky cheater who won’t let himself be photographed in delecto flagrente…and a murderer on the loose.

This is a fun filled humorous book. You don’t necessarily have to read Larsen‘s first DeLuca tale, Liar, Liar, but you should and I will make plans to read it. Cat is a tough Chicago PI with lots of moxy, but she still worries about her weight, her age, and her family. Constant smiles and a few laughs will keep the pages turning. I want more Cat!

Reviewed by Stephen L. Brayton, October 2012.
Author of Night Shadows, Beta and Alpha.

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