Book Review: The Dark at the End by F. Paul Wilson

The Dark at the EndThe Dark At The End
A Repairman Jack Novel
F. Paul Wilson
Tor, 2011
ISBN 9780765322838

There is a great war occurring in the vast reaches of the universe and Earth is the most recent battleground. Two forces vying for ultimate control. The Ally and the Otherness, the latter whose power comes from the suffering of sentient beings is known as The One or Rasalom. For the Ally, there are many warriors including Repairman Jack and an enigmatic being known simply as the Lady. The battle for humanity is coming to an end…

In the final Repairman Jack novel, Jack is determined to finally rid the world of Rasalom by any means. The Ally’s chief warrior, Glaeken has been transformed into a mortal and Jack is the Heir to his former powers. Jack is aided by his girlfriend Gia, as well as other friends named Weezy, and Dawn, whose strange baby has been kidnapped by Raslom’s forces. Jack gathers weapons in which to destroy Rasalom but first must rescue the baby. Meanwhile, Weezy may have discovered a ceremony which would serve to bind The One’s powers. But are all of the Ally’s plans for naught? Do they finally have the means to destroy Rasalom or have the Ally forces played into evil’s hands?

If this plot sounds confusing, the problem  may lie in the fact that many readers, including yours truly, haven’t read all of the previous Wilson novels, so the entire premise and long history of this drawn out story may not be understood. I have read a few of Jack’s novels, along with others dealing with this secret war. Remember the old movie called The Keep? That was based upon a Wilson novel and fits in with this series. The Dark At The End is one of those novels that almost requires the reading of previous books to understand the totality of the situation. It is complex but I’ve liked Jack for years and this one, even knowing what follows, was still enjoyable.

Reviewed by Stephen L. Brayton, October 2012.
Author of Night Shadows, Beta and Alpha.

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