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A Haunting Dream

Joyce LaveneJoyce Lavene writes bestselling mystery with her husband/partner Jim. They have written and published more than 60 novels for Harlequin, Berkley and Charter Books along with hundreds of non-fiction articles for national and regional publications. She lives in rural North Carolina with her family, her cat, Quincy, and her rescue dog, Rudi. Visit her at www.joyceandjimlavene.com, www.Facebook/JoyceandJimLavene Twitter: @authorjlavene, http://romanceofmystery.blogspot.com.


My husband and I quit our day jobs this year.

That’s right. After writing and publishing more than 60 novels since 1999, we finally felt like it was time. Not that we hated our day jobs. We worked for a very nice, family-owned newspaper that focused on our county in North Carolina. The family was very excited about having novelists working for them. They gave us every courtesy and flexibility to write our books – and the newspaper.

The problem was that our book-writing career had grown in the years leading up to our decision. Not just the writing aspect, but also the promotion, editing and every other part of it. Working for the newspaper was good. We knew many interesting people and observed many unusual situations. All become fodder for our books, of course.

It was becoming increasingly hard to balance what were both full-time, 24/7 jobs. When we weren’t covering a council meeting or taking pictures of someone’s prize sweet potato, we were sneaking in bits of time for our books. We were writing at 5:30 am and 10:30 pm. There were no weekends and definitely not any vacations.

Something had to change.

We took a few days off from the newspaper (between books) and talked about it. Wasn’t working on our books full-time what we’d always wanted? Wasn’t that always the goal?

It was hard to say goodbye to the newspaper and the friends we’d made. It was even harder to know we’d have to survive without the money we made from the newspaper, not to mention that weekly salary. There were nights we didn’t sleep and kept reassuring ourselves that it was going to be okay.

And you know what? It has been okay. It’s been great having only one occupation. We don’t have to write when it’s convenient – we can work whenever we want to. We even gave ourselves nights and weekends off!

This is our business now. We treat it as such, and put in regular hours. It’s still scary sometimes. Who knows what the future will bring to the publishing and writing world?

But it’s great knowing that we are facing it together and doing something we thought we could only dream about. We take nothing for granted and feel very blessed to be here each day.

Sometimes jumping off the cliff with high hopes and hands held tightly is the only way to live!

A Haunting Dream
Missing Pieces Mysteries

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The mayor of Duck, North Carolina, Dae O’Donnell, is a woman with a gift for finding lost things. When her boyfriend Kevin’s ex-fiancée Ann arrives in Duck looking for a second chance, Dae suddenly finds herself facing certain heartache. And while her romantic life is in shambles, she’s even more concerned by the sudden change in her gift. After touching a medallion owned by a local named Chuck Sparks, Dae is shocked when her vision reveals his murder—and a cry for help. Dae doesn’t know what to make of the dead man’s plea to “Help her,” until she has another vision about a kidnapped girl—Chuck’s daughter, Betsy. With a child missing, the FBI steps in to take over the case. But Dae can’t ignore her visions of Betsy, or the fact that Kevin’s psychic ex-fiancé might be the only person who can help find her.

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