“More Coffee Break Mysteries: The Sherlock Holmes Edition”

Now residents of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, the Shepards enjoy visits from their daughters and granddaughters, fine and moderate weather, ocean swims at Assateague, Chesapeake Bay crabs, and the company of Rajah and Rani, their two rescued cats.

Prize winning mystery writer William S. Shepard is the creator of a new genre, the diplomatic mystery, whose plots are set in American Embassies overseas. That mirrors Shepard’s own career in the Foreign Service of the United States, during which he served in Singapore, Saigon, Budapest, Athens and Bordeaux, in addition to five Washington tours of duty.

His diplomatic mystery books explore this rich, insider background into the world of high stakes diplomacy and government. His main character is a young career diplomat, Robbie Cutler. The first four books in the series are available as Ebooks. Shepard evokes his last Foreign Service post, Consul General in Bordeaux, in Vintage Murder, the first of the series of four “diplomatic mysteries.” The second, Murder On The Danube, mines his knowledge of Hungary and the 1956 Revolution. In Murder In Dordogne Robbie Cutler and his bride Sylvie are just married, but their honeymoon in the scenic southwest of France is interrupted by murders.

The most recent of the series, The Saladin Affair, has just been released as an Ebook. Robbie Cutler has been transferred to work for the Secretary of State. Like the author once did, Cutler arranges trips on Air Force Two – now enlivened by serial Al Qaeda attempts to assassinate the Secretary of State, as they travel to Dublin, London, Paris, Vienna, Riga and Moscow!



So it’s Black Friday, and the shopping malls are packed with throngs of bargain seekers? I’d like to stay home and read a good mystery. In fact, I wouldn’t mind at all if it was a collection of twenty mysteries, and I had to guess the endings. And it would be even better if there were some new Sherlock Holmes mysteries, featuring the immortal sleuth and of course, Professor Moriarty!

And all of this is FREE to download today, November 23, 2012!!

More Coffee Break Mysteries: The Sherlock Holmes Edition: William S. Shepard: Amazon.com: Kindle Store

Here’s the Ebook. More Coffee Break Mysteries: The Sherlock Holmes Edition is a collection of twenty short mysteries, ranging from blackmail to murder. These are new stories, following the original twenty story collection in the first Ebook, “Coffee Break Mysteries.” Each mystery is set forth for the reader to solve, with clues and suspects. The reader solves the mystery, then turns to the next page for the solution. It’s just the right pace for something new as you enjoy your coffee break! And today, it’s FREE. Just click onto Amazon.com and download the book.

A special feature of this book is that it is authorized by the folks holding the original copyrights to these immortal characters. I’m grateful for the permission of Jonathan Clowes Limited, London, England, on behalf of Andrea Plunket, Administrator of the Conan Doyle Copyrights, to feature five immortal characters who were created by the late Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. These five, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Professor Moriarty, Inspector Lestrade, and Mrs. Hudson, appear in five adventures that begin this collection.

But there is more. The stories continue with six British and American mysteries, ranging from two British classic settings, “Mystery On The Moor” and “The Haunted Portrait,” to a contemporary American whodunit, “The High School Crush Murder.” Next comes a series of four stories in an American summer theater setting, the “Straw Hat Mysteries,” which feature crimes ranging from murder to the perhaps even more nefarious attempted theft of a starring acting role! This new collection also features the return, at reader request, of “Crusher” Davis, a 6 foot 6 inch former football star who has found work at a local newspaper writing an advice to the lovelorn column under the name, “Ask Martha.”

Coffee Break Mysteries: William S. Shepard: Amazon.com: Kindle Store

Coffee Break Mysteries

“Crusher” Davis was first featured in the first twenty mystery collection, Coffee Break Mysteries. Readers of the original stories know that it is in the Ask Martha guise that “Crusher” Davis solves the five new mysteries, ranging from blackmail to embezzlement, which conclude this new collection.

Whatever your preference, get your coffee and open your Kindle for a refreshing coffee break, with a spice of mystery. You’ve earned it! Download More Coffee Break Mysteries with my compliments. And if you also want to download Coffee Break Mysteries for $2.99 and have both collections, that’s all right with us!