Book Review: Paradise Falls by Jonnie Jacobs

Paradise Falls
Jonnie Jacobs
Five Star, March 2012
ISBN 9781594153785

It’s every mother’s worst nightmare–her child goes missing. The grief, the despair, the hoping the worst case scenario doesn’t come to pass. Add to the agony is the suspicion one of her own family members may be involved. This is the premise of Jonnie Jacobs’ latest novel, Paradise Falls. Small town life in the middle of a crisis is depicted with varying reactions from several parties.

Caitlin Whittington is the second girl to go missing in five months. Her mother, Grace, now married to a second husband, is of course devastated. When Grace discovers a possible connection between Caitlin’s disappearance and her stepson, Adam, things go from bad to worse. Meanwhile, Rayna Godwin, lead investigator on both cases has her own problems. Her desired laid back life in small town Paradise Falls, Oregon, is ruined by the girls’ disappearances. They bring up memories of her own daughter’s kidnapping and murder years  before. Adding to the problem–her ex lover, FBI agent Neal Cody has been assigned to help out.

This mystery is low key with new revelations thrown in your path every so often to keep you moving along. Character driven with several personalities to keep it interesting – from the reactions of the exes, to the constantly sniping reporter, to the mysterious taunting figure just out of sight. I knew something good was going to happen at the end, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Reviewed by Stephen L. Brayton, April 2012.
Author of Night Shadows and Beta.