Book Review: Lucky Bastard by S.G. Browne—And A Pair Of Winners!

Lucky Bastard
S. G. Browne
Gallery Books, April 2012
ISBN 9781451657197

If I may use an oft said line: Do you feel lucky? Well, do you? For Nick Monday, chances are, luck just isn’t with him on this particular day. In this fascinating book by S. G. Browne, you’ll learn about grades of luck, charms, and how bad luck, bad decisions, and actions can follow you for a long time.

Nick Monday, San Francisco private detective, is also a luck poacher. He has the ability to take other people’s luck, process it, and sell it. Unfortunately this day is not to be a lucky one for him. First he gets hired by a woman claiming to be the mayor’s daughter to retrieve her father’s luck. Then he is bullied by two federal agents to give a Mafia boss some bad luck. Then the Mafia King wants Nick under his employment. Oh, and let’s not forget about another enigmatic scooter riding woman with whom Nick would very much like to get acquainted. However, Nick soon discovers luck is a fickle thing and finds out his past has a way of catching up with him.

I thoroughly enjoyed Lucky Bastard. The humor was marvelous. The characters were just over-the-top enough to spur delightful mental images. The fast pace, the intricate plot, and the little factoids thrown in for good measure made me wish for more. I so hope Browne brings us another Nick Monday adventure soon.

Reviewed by Stephen L. Brayton, April 2012.
Author of Night Shadows and Beta.


Congratulations to CharlieF, winner of A Valley to Die For,and to Jane Rafal,

winner of A Fair to Die For, both courtesy of the author, Radine Trees Nehring!