Book Review: A Fair to Die For by Radine Trees Nehring—And A Giveaway!

A Fair To Die For
Radine Trees Nehring
Oak Tree Press, February 2012
ISBN No. 9781610091220
Trade Paperback

Carrie McCrite and Henry King have their own little patch of paradise in scenic Arkansas.  The couple are enjoying their early years of marriage although both are senior citizens.  They have a comfortable home, a close circle of friends and it would seem the couple is living a life that many would envy.

It comes as a shock to Carrie when she receives a phone call from a woman who identifies herself as Edie, Carrie’s cousin.  Edie asks for Carrie Culpepper, which is Carrie’s maiden name.   Carrie has no recollection of this woman but Edie plows ahead telling Carrie her name was Edith Embler and started explaining her connection to Carrie and how she had managed to trace Carrie.   Edie’s statements could be true but then again it might be a well-rehearsed story.  Carrie discusses the phone call with Henry and they decide to invite the woman to lunch and learn more about who she is and why she is contacting Carrie now.  The first thing Carrie begins to worry about is what to have for lunch.  Henry solved that little problem by contacting his friend Chef John Bohnert who offered several suggestions.

Edie arrived as agreed and attempted to explain her background and why she was in the area.  It seems that Edie’s father may have been involved in some illegal drug scheme.  Carrie had never used drugs nor had Henry who is an ex-police officer.  They are both shocked by what Edie has told them about her father.  Before Edie’s visit ends, Carrie and Henry are going to have a lot to be shocked about and find themselves in some very dangerous positions.

Although Edie is invited to stay with Carrie and Henry, she insisted that she had a reservation at a local hotel.   They made plans to meet the next morning and go to War Eagle Mill, a local attraction that is having a craft fair beginning the next week.

This simple lunch and plans to visit War Eagle begin a series of events that reveal “Cousin Edie” may be involved with some dangerous people and her connection to Carrie and Henry place the couple as well as some of their friends in danger.    Carrie helps her friend sell her wares at the fair and while helping makes some inquiries among the other vendors.  These inquiries lead some people to believe that Carrie knows more about their affairs than is actually the truth.

You will have to read A Fair To Die For to learn how Carrie and Henry manage to find out the real story behind “Cousin Edie”.  This is just one of the books in the series that take the reader into the world of Carrie and Henry.  Once you’ve read the couple’s story and meet their friends through the pages of Nehring‘s books you will want to visit the locations so wonderfully described in these books.  You will also want to read the entire series and wait impatiently for the next novel.

Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid, May 2012.


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