Book Review: Blood and Other Cravings, ed. by Ellen Datlow

Blood and Other Cravings
Edited by Ellen Datlow
Tor Books, September 2011
ISBN 9780765328281

Vampires are everywhere and they’re not just your traditional cape wearing, toothy creatures sleeping in coffins by day and flying like bats at night in search of blood. They come in various forms. From the energy stealing vamps to those looking for something additional in life. Here is a collection of stories that go beyond the traditional vampire. These are not the Bela Lugosi types. No, these are far worse…

Included are:

All You Can Do Is Breathe – The ‘long man’ visits a trapped miner and changes his life forever.

Blood Yesterday, Blood Tomorrow: Former dealers in antiques get a second chance to relive their younger years and a return to a vampire subculture.

X For Demetrius – A man trying to avoid the various forms of vampirism outside his door one night discovers a horrible truth.

Keeping Corky – A mentally challenged woman with a strange power wants desperately to stay in touch with her son given up for adoption.

Shelf-Life – Even after decades have passed an old dollhouse retains the ability to become an obsession.

Mrs. Jones – Two spinsters tolerate each other in the same house. One dreams of a normal life with a husband and romance. When she discovers what’s lurking in the orchard, she begins to put her plan into fruition…but at what cost?

Sweet Sorrow –When a classmate disappears, young Brian is devastated. Later in life he learns the truth about a pair of former neighbors.

These are stories by prolific and award winning authors from around the world. I really enjoyed Sweet Sorrow and Shelf-Life because they brought the creepiness to me. Some of these are complex and make you think. Sometimes I don’t want a traditional vampire story and this anthology fit the bill.

Reviewed by Stephen L. Brayton, March 2012.

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