Vacations Can Be Murder—And Cool Stuff!

Lauren Carr fell in love with mysteries when her mother read Perry Mason to her at bedtime. The first installment in the Joshua Thornton mysteries, A Small Case of Murder was a finalist for the Independent Publisher Book Award. A Reunion to Die For was released in hardback in June 2007. Both of these books are in re-release.

Lauren is also the author of the Mac Faraday Mysteries, which takes place in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. The first two books in her series, It’s Murder, My Son and Old Loves Die Hard have been getting rave reviews from readers and reviewers. The next book in this series, Shades of Murder, will be released in spring 2012. This will be Lauren’s fifth mystery.

The president of Acorn Book Services, Lauren is also a publisher, consultant, editor, cover and layout designer, and marketing agent for independent authors.

Lauren is a popular speaker who has made appearances at schools, youth groups, and on author panels at conventions. She also passes on what she has learned in her years of writing and publishing by conducting workshops and teaching in community education classes.

She lives with her husband, son, and two dogs on a mountain in Harpers Ferry, WV.

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With Spring being in the air and pollen attacking my sinuses, I have realized that the time has come to start planning my summer vacation. We’re planning Mount Rushmore. My son is planning to search for the lost city of gold (ala Nicholas Cage in National Treasure: Book of Secrets) and I’m planning to fight for my life (ala Alfred Hitchock’s North by Northwest) Notice the generational difference?

As a mystery writer, I can suggest that there are certain people you should not ask to plan your vacation. Quite simply, surely someone will end up dead.

Take Agatha Christie. She sent all of her detectives on vacations and not one of them got away without a dead body turning up in their suitcase. In Murder on the Orient Express, Hercule Poirot took a trip on a train and ended up stranded in a snowstorm with a dead body and a car full of murder suspects.

In Death on the Nile, Agatha sends Poirot on a cruise on the Nile. Maybe she was trying to make up for the fiasco on the train trip, and it happened again. Someone ended up dead and Poirot had to go to work. (I hate it when I go on vacation and end up having to work, don’t you?)

And then there was that tour group that Agatha sent up to a mountain top retreat in And Then There Were None. We had more than one dead body on that trip with a mysterious killer plucking off the vacationers one by one. That travel brochure wasn’t lying when it said “exciting” and “one to remember” … if you live through it.

You would think after what her friend Hercule Poirot went through that Jane Marple would have told Agatha Christie, “Thanks, but no thanks” when she offered to send her on A Caribbean Mystery.  Next thing you know, people are getting hit on the head and being shot.

I don’t think it is so much Agatha Christie as it is mystery writers in general. Our detectives need vacations and nothing is more fun than having a dead body wash ashore at the beach. Our protagonists are not the type to quietly drink margaritas on the beach. If they were, would you want to read about them?

The fact of the matter is that mystery writers are incapable of planning vacations without someone, somewhere, somehow, getting shot, stabbed, poisoned, hit over the head, or thrown off a cliff or tall building or bridge. That’s why my husband insists on planning our vacations. The worst thing that can happen on his vacations is that we can die from boredom that comes from knowing that everyone is going to get home alive. What fun is there in that?


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