Book Review: Magical Alienation by Kris Neri

Magical Alienation
Kris Neri
Red Coyote Press, November 2011
ISBN 9780976673316
Trade paperback

Samantha Brennan thinks her cushy new job as fake psychic with a fading Mick Jagger like rock star feels like just the thing to boost her wobbly career. Jetting from LA to Sedona for his comeback performance and a support rally for a local politician all feels great to her too. But, Sedona brings her smack dab in the middle of trouble… again. This time with a puckish alien whose real identity will startle not only his Army captors but annoy the Celtic gods and goddesses who,  unknown to Samantha, are about to bring on a celestial war.  All is centered around the harmonic convergence that will create not only changes in the atmosphere but changes for Samantha and her FBI friend and Celtic goddess, Annabelle Haggerty.

I found myself laughing at the whimsy and humorous characters, scowling at the bad guys and just plain enjoying the start to finish wild ride of this very humorous, very creative and entertaining read. Fun, Fun, Fun!

Reviewed by guest reviewer, RP Dahlke, January 2012.