9 thoughts on “True Confessions

  1. Thanks for the awesome post. I used to hate rewrites myself. I recently finished a massive rewrite and found my self slaughtering whole scenes, knocking things down to the bare bones and rebuilding. It became very liberating and I found myself thinking it was a much stronger piece by the time I was done. I have an editor, and so far she hasn’t made as many of her normal complaints as she’s editing.
    One thing I have found that really helps my editing is editing for others. I have several writer friends who are part of a writers group, we often edit each others work, and I find I improve by doing that. When you have to do things cheap this is a great way.
    Lots of luck and write on.
    A.M. Burns


  2. I’ve always known I could never be a writer because I don’t have the discipline needed—I sure don’t have the discipline to do revisions after the initial effort. Karyne, thanks for being here today 😉


  3. Aw, what a beautiful photo, and post. I admire your fearlessness–and that is indeed what it requires.

    I agree that the better we get at self-editing, the less rewriting there may be, though I think that every writer needs independent eyes on her work, ideally a range of professionals and avid readers, for the blind spots we all inevitably have.

    But don’t worry–you have trusty readers lined up out the door, I know!!


  4. Hi, Karyne,

    You and I are definitely on the same wave length! I discovered Editing for Fiction Writers many years ago and love the book. It’s been so helpful. Writers these days have to do lots of self-editing. To submit a novel that’s not well-edited amounts to almost instant rejection.


  5. Jenny, your so good for my ego. 😉

    Sara, I think we could start our own dental floss brigade.

    Judy, I’d lend you my copy but you’d probably never want to give it back. lol

    Jacqueline, I wish I’d found it years ago!


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