Brenda Strange Investigates The Supernatural And Teddy Bears Too!

Patty G. Henderson is an author, publisher and artist. An independent author, she launched her own publishing imprint, Black Car Publishing, but is now concentrating on mainly eBooks  with Savage Tiki Digi Books. She has penned four  Brenda Strange Supernatural Mysteries, The Burning of Her Sin, Tangled and Dark, The Missing Page and Ximora. Patty has also written in the lesbian niche market as well.

Comfortable wearing several creative hats, Patty is an accomplished artist as well as author. She’s done popular book cover artwork for many mainstream mystery and horror authors via her graphic arts business, Boulevard Photografica.

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What a perfect time of the year to enjoy a supernatural mystery! October and Halloween are just behind us, but the night and dark still grow deeper and the cold begins to creep into our bones.

This sub-genre has never really gone away but it is enjoying a renaissance of sorts. Supernatural Mysteries are featured in the new Mystery Scene Magazine Fall issue #121. The sub-genre has been around for some time and affectionately referred by some as “woo woo” mysteries. My very favorite book and one that launched my quest to fearlessly attempt writing supernatural mysteries was Barbara Michaels and her Ammie, Come Home. The perfect blend of mystery and supernatural, the book is dripping with dark, chilling atmosphere, suspense, and mystery with a dash of romantic undertones. There are many other examples of course, going further back and right up until the popular new cozy supernatural and paranormal series and books. There are new supernatural cozies popping up constantly featuring ghosts, witches, séances, voodoo, haunted house and more!

Since one of my favorite staples of the supernatural has always been the haunted house, I wanted to write the perfect blend of “woo woo” mystery and suspense with a somewhat brooding, quirky heroine. When I set out to write the Brenda Strange Supernatural Mysteries, I was ready to write the haunted house story I always wanted to tell. I not only love supernatural literature, but I also enjoy mysteries and suspense. My idea was to blend the traditional haunted house tale and also incorporate the strong structure of the mystery novel with a dash of suspense. I never enjoyed writing a novel more than my first Brenda Strange book, The Burning of Her Sin . From the beginning, I envisioned this book as only the first in a long series. As an author who is “blending genres,” one has to be careful to create believable settings and characters that blend well with the otherworldly. Too much of one ingredient and you might be in trouble with the reader base you’re trying to reach. I believe I’ve got the right mix for the Brenda Strange Supernatural Mysteries.

A bit about Brenda here: In the first book, The Burning of Her Sin, after effectively dying and then going through the tunnel of light and a near death experience, Brenda Strange comes back scarred–literally, emotionally and psychically. She also comes back with strong psychic powers. As she struggles to adapt to her new life, her NDE and her powers, we can see her grow through the books. Brenda Strange has never been able to forget the death of her little brother, Timmy. She has carried guilty feelings that she could have somehow prevented his death. She is able to communicate with his spirit now and he is always present. At the advice of her doctors and psychologists, she takes up a hobby for relaxation. Brenda Strange makes miniature teddy bears because she relates them to her little brother. She successfully launches a line of Zodiac Bears, one bear for each Zodiac sign. I have had so much fun writing this series and sharing my love of not only the supernatural and mysteries but also of teddy bears. I’m getting a kick out of putting out interesting information on building miniature teddy bears for all would-be bear makers out there. I consider not only Brenda, but also her close friend and sidekick, Cubbie, as well as the loveable ghosts, Carlotta and Angelique, and the ever skeptical Detective Lisa Chambliss as friends.  So passionate am I with the series, that when asked how long I foresee the series would go, I like to think that I could write twelve books to cover the twelve miniature teddy bears Brenda would need to make for each Zodiac sign. So far, there have been four books: THE BURNING OF HER SIN, TANGLED AND DARK, THE MISSING PAGE and XIMORA . I am currently working on a fifth book.

I’d like to think the remaining seven books will be as much an adventure for the readers and fans as I know they will be for me writing them. The Brenda Strange books are all available as trade paperbacks and eBooks on Amazon and Lulu Marketplace.

I want to thank Lelia for giving me this opportunity to talk woo woo with you and I welcome any and all email. I love hearing from readers.