Book Review: The Arranger by L.J. Sellers

The ArrangerThe Arranger
L.J. Sellers
Spellbinder Press, August 2011
ISBN 9780983213857
Trade Paperback

Step into the world of tomorrow. America is experiencing dark days with 21% unemployment, very high inflation, $8 per gallon gas, millions homeless, extra lax gun laws, shrinking federal government, and people wanting better jobs because of health insurance. Reality television has hit a new level with an annual competition for the best in America, but a killer lurks in the background.

It is the year 2023. Lara Evans, a freelance paramedic in Oregon is entered into an annual televised contest of strength, intelligence, and ingenuity, called the Gauntlet. The winner brings home extra money and benefits for his or her home state. However, the other competitors are not Evans’ only concern. She’s trying to outwit a gunman who almost killed her and the federal employment commissioner and has followed her to the competition.

Months before The Gauntlet, federal employee Paul Madsen wants very much to impress a pretty coworker. To get the funds to improve himself cosmetically he uses his skills on the computer to arrange for individuals to be hired into lucrative positions. However, his coworker really would like to be the next federal employment commissioner, one of whose job is to oversee the Gauntlet. For that to happen, the current commissioner might have to die.

Sellers writes a tight top notch novel with plenty of action and suspense. This one moves fast and does not let down the reader one bit. This book is another winner from an author with several in her showcase.

Reviewed by Stephen L. Brayton, October 2011.