Book Review: A Canterbury Crime by Brian Kavanagh

A Canterbury Crime
Brian Kavanagh
Bewrite Books, 2010
ISBN No. 978-1906609450
Trade Paperback

Belinda Lawrence and Hazel Whitby have been hired to evaluate the contents of Professor Walter deGray’s Manor House.   Professor deGray was in the process of writing a book that he promised would rewrite the history of St. Thomas Becket.  Many tales had been told about St. Thomas Becket and the way he died.  Many people were hoping that Professor deGray’s book would reveal the mystery surrounding Becket’s final days.

Belinda and Hazel had been told that Professor deGray had died of a heart attack.  When the two heard that the Professor had blood on his head when his body was carried out that was just enough information to lead the two amateur detectives to become suspicious of deGray’s death and begin an investigation.

There is no lack of suspects that seem free to come in and out of the Manor House. It seems a number of people had the opportunity to harm the Professor and if the Professor’s book would indeed reveal some secret that secret in the right hands could be very profitable.

This is the fourth Belinda Lawrence mystery and a good one.  Hazel Whitby provides some humorous scenes and Belinda’s friend Mark tries to add his expertise to the search for the truth behind the death of Professor deGray as well as the secret that the Professor had promised to reveal to the world when his book was published.

Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid, January 2011.