Book Review: Someone's Watching by Sharon Potts

Someone’s Watching
Sharon Potts
Oceanview Publishing, 2011
ISBN No. 978-1608090136

Robbie Ivy thinks that she has her life simplified.  No longer a CPA she is now a bartender who makes jewelry on the side.  Jeremy Stroeb who played a big part in Robbie’s life has gone his way and Robbie has gone hers.  She is dating other people and feels she has her life running smoothly without the need of family or close relationships.

Robbie’s father left her mother when she was a child and she hasn’t had any connection with him since that time.  Suddenly Robbie’s father is knocking at her door and begging her to help him.  Robbie is shocked when her father tells her that she has a sister, Kaitlin Brooks.  Kaitlin, whose friends call her Kate, is missing.  Kate and another girl left their group of high school friends and have not been seen since.  Robbie ignores her father’s pleas and decides this situation is not her problem.

Then Kate’s friend’s body is washed up in Indian Creek.   Robbie has a friend on the force that she met when she was working with Jeremy to find his parents’ murderer.   Detective Judy Lieber is working on the disappearance of the two friends. Robbie decides that she must find her sister.

Robbie begins her search by handing out flyers and following Kate’s friend’s facebook page.  Although Robbie works as a bartender, she has avoided the South Beach hotspots.  Robbie agrees to hit the club scene with Brett, the person she has been dating.  It doesn’t take long for Robbie to see that Brett is not really the person she thought he was and his friends are not people that she would care to be involved with.

Robbie enlists Jeremy to help her in her search for her sister even though she is still bitter against the father who left her.  The search takes the two into a world of blackmail, drugs, and prostitution and places their lives in jeopardy.

This is the second novel for Sharon Potts that includes Robbie and Jeremy.  Her first book In Their Blood tells another story that is referred to occasionally in Someone’s Watching.  It is not necessary to read the first book in order to enjoy the second book.  The suspense builds in Someone’s Watching to an exciting and surprising conclusion.

Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid, January 2011.

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