Book Review: The Priest’s Graveyard by Ted Dekker

The Priest’s Graveyard
Ted Dekker
Center Street, Hatchette Book Group, April 19, 2011
ISBN No. 978-1599953342
Hardcover (ARC)

The Priest’s Graveyard is a very different book. The characters are unique and the story line very unusual. Two people from very different backgrounds meet and join forces to reach a common goal.

Danny Hansen is a priest but a very unusual priest.  Danny is originally from Bosnia where he watched his mother’s murder.  He avenged his mother before he came to America.  He has set out to avenge other people who have suffered at the hands of tyrants.

Renee Gilmore is a young woman who had left her home and moved to California to go to school and make something of her life.  Renee found drugs instead and wound up in an alley. As she staggered out of the alley, a car hit her.   The driver of the car picked her up and took her home.  His name was Lamont Myers and Renee referred to him as her “angel”.  She lived a solitary existence with Lamont. Lamont owned a glass house and had many rules that Renee was to follow.   She followed his orders, took the pills he provided her and felt she was living a good life.  In reality, she was a prisoner.

When Lamont left and did not return Renee did not know what to do next.  She knew that Jonathan Bourque was Lamont’s partner and that he used to be a priest.  Lamont referred to Bourque as “the devil”.   Renee made up her mind to leave the house that Lamont owned and find Bourque and force him to tell her what happened to Lamont.

Renee met Danny when she was trying to contact Bourque.  She confided in Danny who agreed to teach her things she would need to know to be successful in her vendetta against Bourque.  This partnership turns into tragedy for both individuals when they team up to murder.

Dekker has written a story that is haunting.  The two characters are finally forced to step back and face reality and the reality is not pleasant.

Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid, February 2011.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Priest’s Graveyard by Ted Dekker

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  2. Escapism has reached its full potential! From the first word, I entered into another world and often forgot that I was just reading a book! Dekker has a skill at character formation that other authors must envy. It is not uncommon for a reader to be relate to his characters; however, Priest’s Graveyard was exceptional! Rather than relating to them, I felt as if I BECAME the character (hence why I often forgot I was reading). This book was impossible to put down! It made me cry on one page and then on the very next page I was laughing! As someone who has read the majority of Ted Dekker’s books, I am used to a variety of emotions in 1 book, but Priest’s Graveyard blew me away! For the first time, I couldn’t dislike the killer! I think all of us can relate to Danny Hansen. Before the release, Dekker asked fans if they would kill someone if it would stop a rape; the question threw me off guard until now. I was forced to search myself once again (as I do with all of Dekker’s books) since every time Danny killed, in my mind I was understanding and supportive. The references to law were enough to bring me to tears as I was reminded of how we were trapped by the law until we were rescued by Christ! Priest’s Graveyard lived up to all of my expectations and then some! I will be recommending this book for a long time!


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