Book Review: Waking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong

Waking the Witch
Kelley Armstrong
Dutton Books, 2010
ISBN 0525951784

Ever since I first heard about Savannah, I have been waiting for the brilliant kid witch to strut her stuff. She’s twenty-one now and still living at home with her adoptive parents, Paige and Lucas. When a case comes into the agency while the pair are off on their honeymoon in Hawaii, Savannah scoops it up. It’s time she earned her stripes as a private investigator.

The case–young women have been murdered in a small mill town. The police are stymied and there are magical elements involved. Savannah’s going to use her witchy powers to find justice for the women.

She finds a bit of romance, too, when a half-brother of one of the victims shows up to investigate, too. Detective Kennedy might just be the man for her except he’s not magically gifted. Unfortunately, someone in town doesn’t want the cases solved and the killing continues.

I’m going to say upfront this novel might not be for everyone.  If you are dedicated fan of Kelley Armstrong and like the witchy elements of “Women of the Otherworld” you’re probably going to like this book.

Reviewed by Rebecca Kyle, October 2010.

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