Book Review: Mama Gets Hitched by Deborah Sharp

Mama Gets Hitched
Deborah Sharp
Midnight Ink, July 2010
ISBN 0738719226
Trade Paperback

Mama is marrying Sally. Sally is a nice Italian man from New York or some such Yankee place.  Mama is planning the wedding of the decade, no matter that this is not her first, or even fourth, trip down the aisle.  Mace and her sisters will be wearing something out of GWTW, complete with hoops and parasols.

Sally’s family has started to arrive, the prime example being C’Ndee Ciancio, Sal’s cousin-in-law from his first marriage.  C’Ndee is now Mama’s wedding planner, which does take a load off Mace’s shoulders.

Mama and the girls take a detour into detecting when the caterer, Ronnie Hodges, is murdered.  It doesn’t help Mace’s peace of mind when she has to deal with detective Carlos Martinez; this man turns her brains to mush.

There are plenty of suspects, lots of gossip and innuendo floating around town, and enough out-of-towners to divert everyone’s attention.  Fans of Mama and her family have another adventure on their hands.  This is one wedding you won’t want to miss.

Reviewed by P.J. Coldren, July 2010.