Einstein’s Tongue–Some Darn Good Shakespeare!

I mentioned something a ways back about poetry in writing. Although I’m rather too lazy right now to dig any of it up from the early blog post, I’m not really looking to expand on it at all. That would be why I didn’t name this blog Verse x of 1000000 (what ever number is coming up next; again, too lazy). Actually, this here is to give you some of my old poetry. It’s very… I’m trying to think of a proper word for them. Goofy kind of works, but not so much. Well, at least I don’t think so. But I’m just trying to defend myself. Here they are, a few haiku of mine from years passed.

When ev’rything fails
And the parrot starts spitting,
Interrogate him.

After your birthday
Look out for blue kangaroos.
The ice cream was theirs.

Parrots talk about
Wanting crackers and gold coins,
But they mean your brains.

An armadillo
Has taken the world’s ice cream.
I am now saddened.

The fox asks questions
So that when he sneaks around,
He can steal your food.

Now how was that for Shakespearian drama!

3 thoughts on “Einstein’s Tongue–Some Darn Good Shakespeare!

  1. Qweenqueg:

    Gee, that’s new! Being quoted, I mean, and for something so silly (hey, that’s not a bad adjective for these; but I dunno) and clearly non-Shakespearian. I’m glad you enjoyed these, and there are dozens more to, let’s think: howl at, chuckle at, laugh at, frown upon, etc… At.


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