Book Review: Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder by Chris Cavender

Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder
Chris Cavender
Kensington Publishing, August 2010
ISBN 075822950X

Eleanor Swift will not let the reputation of A Slice of Delight, her pizza parlor, be sullied by customer complaints or by murder.  When Wade Hatcher, the brother of her delivery guy Greg, is murdered in her kitchen, she won’t rest until she knows what really happened.  After all, the pizza next to the victim was not one of hers!  Who would bring a strange pizza to a pizza parlor?

There are obvious reasons to suspect Greg.  He and his brother had issues – money, women, and family history.  Still, Eleanor and her sister Maddie don’t believe Greg is a killer.  She knows Greg is not the person who robbed her a few nights before the murder.  The police chief just doesn’t buy it, any of it.

In the meantime, there are the romance issues.  Eleanor still isn’t over Joe, her dead husband.  Maddie is on the look-out for her next husband, a man who will be one of many.  Maddie wants Eleanor to pay more attention to David Quinton, a good friend of Eleanor’s.  Eleanor doesn’t want to lead him on, and she’s not sure she wants to take the relationship any farther.  Still, he’s a nice guy.

The killer is eventually revealed, and the motive is classic.  Cavender is quite good at keeping the reader guessing, and her planting of clues and red herrings is adept.  Pepperoni pizza may be murder, but most readers who like a traditional and/or cozy mystery will want to come back for another slice.

Reviewed by P.J. Coldren, July 2010.

Note: Chris Cavender is a pseudonym for mystery author Tim Myers.