How I Got into Crime Writing: Where Lou Allin Goes, Murder Follows

Lou Allin is the author of the Belle Palmer mysteries set in Northern Ontario, ending with Memories are Murder. Now living on Vancouver Island with her border collies and mini-poodle, she is working on a new series where the rainforest meets the sea. On the Surface Die and She Felt No Pain feature RCMP Corporal, Holly Martin, in charge of a small detachment near Victoria. In 2010 Lou will debut That Dog Won’t Hunt, a novella in Orca’s Raven Reads editions for adults with literacy issues. Her website is and she may be reached at

On a purely personal note from this blog owner, sincere congratulations to the Canadians for their outstanding performance in the 2010 Olympics!

At dawn on June 5, 1955, my tenth birthday, my mother shook me from innocent sleep. “Wake up, Louise. Georgia’s been shot.”

In a pedestrian but poignant gesture of hospitality, she sent me on my fat-tired Schwinn bike to the store for a pound of bacon, a special treat. Georgia’s parents would be arriving for breakfast.

Georgia Babcock was a kindergarten teacher at my mother’s school. Leonard, a nurse, was her husband. A suspicious profession for a man in those benighted days, but perhaps he had been a medic in the Korean War. They came for dinner once, had a demure drink each, and gave us an heirloom silver cream-and-sugar set that had been in Leonard’s “old Southern” family. Continue reading