Catty News 2

Author Sandra Parshall, a long-time friend of Creatures ‘n Crooks, has a new book out (see Wendi Chapman’s review here: Broken Places ).  If you’ve never read Sandy’s books, you’ve cheated yourself; if you used to come in the store, you’ve really missed a special treat in Broken Places.

Sandy herself tells the tale in her blog post How Mr. Piggles Rewrote My Book on Poe’s Deadly Daughters (which, by the way, is a blog you ought to read on a regular basis if you’re into mysteries).  Animals played a significant role in the writing of the story and our own wonderful Hamilton, furry lord of  all he surveyed, was part of that.  Sandy has a great picture of Hammie on her post, a picture I have lifted so I can share it with you here.

Isn’t he just the handsomest fella?

Now go get Broken Places so you can enjoy Hamilton’s foray into fiction—not his first but certainly his most intriguing—and add Sandra Parshall to your list of must-have authors while you’re at it.