Book Review: The Perfect Couple by Brenda Novak

The Perfect Couple
Brenda Novak
Mira Books
ISBN 0778326675
Mass Market

Tiffany’s got simple instructions from her husband, Colin.  Dump ‘Rover’s’ body.  When she hears sounds and screaming from the trunk, she realizes the boy is alive.  A frantic call to Colin and he tells her to kill the kid and dump him.  Unfortunately for her, the boy manages to get away and she’s terrified Colin will hurt her for it.

Meanwhile, thirteen year old Samantha is sunbathing in her backyard.  She’s got mono and is feeling weak and miserable.  When she hears her next door neighbor Tiffany in distress, Sam goes to the fence to help.

Seeing her opportunity to make up with Colin, Tiffany cons Samantha to come into her house where the girl’s locked into a soundproofed bonus room over the garage.

The Perfect Couple

Sam’s mom, Zoe, is completely distraught when she discovers that her daughter is missing.  She takes her troubles to a friend who runs The Last Stand, a charitable service to help parents in need.  Thus enters Jonathan, a detective who’s got a bad history with picking a woman in love with someone else…

When I saw Brenda Novak’s book available on Vine, I grabbed it without thought and consideration of the difference between the classifications of mystery and romantic suspense. Prior to this, I have read Ms. Novak’s work and thoroughly enjoyed her writing; however, for several reasons, this book is not one I personally enjoyed.

However, Ms. Novak did a superlative job showing us the mind of Colin, seemingly half of a ‘perfect couple’, who is actually a sociopathic abuser of his spouse and children.

Personally, this is a deeper point of view of both an abuser and his victims than I would ever want to take.  “Perfect Couple” did have me turning pages just to read the end, but I would never want to put myself through reading a book like this again. While the abuse was spoken of in the past tense, this is definitely a hard read and not one I would recommend to everyone.

Reviewed by Becky Kyle, January 2010.

One thought on “Book Review: The Perfect Couple by Brenda Novak

  1. I am in a very in between state regarding books that are “difficult” in terms of topic. Once this would’ve been no prob, taken as easily as a swallow of milk. Since having children, though, certain things make me flinch, even look away. Your review of this is enough to make me look further. I’ll let you know if I actually read (the whole thing)!


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